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The Magic and Illusions of

Memorized Deck

Quite possibly the easiest to learn memorized deck ever!  Comes with a specially designed deck of cards that makes learning all 52 cards in order a snap! Using Kerry Summers' clever system, you should be able to have these memorized in under an hour (usually more like 30 mins). Plus, you get a DVD and cheat sheet making it even easier to learn the order and some great bonus material showing you everything from handling tips to routine ideas, including a killer new version of the invisible deck using flash cards!

Note: DVD and instructions are in English language only.

**If you would like to order, but prefer to NOT use the online ordering option, Send Eric an e-mail:  Please include Product Name, Quantity, and Shipping Address.  Eric will contact you with more information and payment options.**




 Flash Cards -Memorized Deck


     $30.00 + Shipping



         $37.00 Total



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