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Magic Wand Tricks


Enjoy learning some tricks to confuse and amaze...some are easy, some are hard, but before you show anyone


Magnetic Wand 1


Hold the wand in your left hand and grab your wrist like with your right hand. Open your hand wind and the wand stays; it doesn't fall.


The Secret:

The secret is your right index finger secretly hold the wand in place. Practice in front of a mirror.

Magnetic Wand 2


Hold the wand in your left hand. Open your hand wind and the wand stays; it doesn't fall. This time you don't use you right hand at all.


The Secret:


The secret is a rubber band or a watch on your left wrist holds a pencil that secretly hold the wand in place. Practice in front of a mirror.

Rubber Wand


Hold the wand in your hand at the tips of your thumb and index finger. It has to be a very loose grip.



The Secret:


The secret is slowly move your wrist up and down. It appears (due to the optical ilusion) that the wand is bending as though it is made of rubber.

Wand From Coin Purse

This is a great openning trick. You open up a coin purse, reach in and pull out your long wand. The wand is much longer than the purse is deep but somehow you get it out of that purse.


Cut a Hole


Cut a hole in a coin purse at the bottom. The coin purse should only be 2 or three inches wide and deep.


Long Sleves


Have the wand up your left sleeve with the tip extending to your palm. It may help to have a rubber band hold it in place.




It's up to you if you start with the purse in your left hand with the wand already loaded into the purse. You can also (with practice) have it in your right hand then place it into your left hand, sliding the wand into the look natural please practice it a hundred times or more.


The Trick


Open up the purse, reach in and pull out the wand. Watch your angles.

Wand From Card Box

This is the same as the trick above but instead of a coin purse use an empty card box. People will think you are about to do a card trick but will be surprised when you produce a wand.

Haunted Ring on Wand



This is the same as the trick above but instead of a coin purse use an empty card box. People will think you are about to do a card trick but will be surprised when you produce a wand.

Vanishing Wand

This is an oldie but a goodie and so easy! But it really fools people! You have an audience member stand next to you. You have them open their hand palm up. You bring the wand to their hand counting one two three. They are instructed to grab the wand on three. When you come down on the third time they grab but the wand is gone.


Bring Down


This picture shows you bring the wand down for the first count.


Up Swing


It is very important you bring the wand way back up by the side of your head on each upswing. You can do the counts (the wand touching their palm each time as you say the bring up....two (touch) bring up...this time (go to next picture)


The Trick


Stick the wand behind your ear or in your collar, but don't change your pace or movement. Come down and say three, they will quickly close their hand. If you turn slightly so that the side of your body that has the wand blocks their view they will stay baffled for a while. Don't do the moves too slow or they may look up from their hand. 99% of the people stay staring at their own hand through the count. But if the upswing takes too long they will look up.

Suspended Wand



You take a toilet paper tube (you can decorate it with glitter and paint and stars and stuff) and you place your wand in it while holding the tube with the other hand. The wand falls to the floor. But then you pick up the wand, wave the wand around the tube and put it back in. This time it doesn't fall. Part of it sticks out the bottom, part out the top...but it doesn't fall. You command it to fall and then it does.. You then show the tube empty.


The Secret

You cut a hole big enough for your thumb to reach through the tube and touch the inside wall of the tube. Never let the audience see this hole. When you show the tube empty make sure your palm covers the hole and don't let them stare in the tube for too long.
The first time you put the wand in let it fall past your thumb and to the floor. Pick it up, and wave it around the tube. The next time you put it in let your thumb push it against the side of the tube. It looks like it's suspended (make sure some of the wand can be seen at the bottom and the top of the tube.)
Say your command, then let the wand loose and it will fall. Show the tube (remember to take your thumb out and cover the hole with your palm.

Rotating Wand Stunt

Holding the wand like in figure 1 (hands flat open facing toward the ground) you must bring it to look like figure 1 without letting go of the wand. No one can help and you can't use any other objects to help either. Your fingers can't bend.

Once you learn this secret, challenge your friends. Just don't show them the secret "move".
That move is seen in figure 3. After holding the wand like in figure 1 (without anyone seeing) cross your thumbs. Slowly slide your left hand over the right hand making a kind of "X" with your hands; the wand will slowly turn or pivot between the thumb-crotches. Without stopping bring your hands to prayer position, the wand will automatically pivot into the final position like in figure 1.

Static Wand

To prepare for this you will need a piece of clear thread or very fine black silk thread. Make a loop about 3" long and tie it with a knot that won't slip. Then tie the other end to your button or a safety pin like the last trick. The string should be as long as the reach of your arm if bent at about 45 degrees in front of your body. You can also just make the string one big loop with it anchored to your button or safety pin at some point. I like this way best. This is the method I have pictured above.
After hooking up the string and putting your hand through the loop. (with Practice you can get your hand in the loop without even looking for the loop. (It hangs in front of you until you need it.) Just slide your finger in and stretch out your arm. Make sure you have the loop around your middle finger. (In the picture I am using a thing string so the camera can see it.)
Take your wand and slide it into your fist making sure it goes through the loop. Then out stretch your arm again and the wand will stay. You can remove the wand and hand it to someone then take it back and do it again.
One other thing we found while playing with this is you can rotate the wand around on your open palm (still hooked onto the loop and then after a few turn you can let go and pull your body back making the loop tense and the wand will rotate back the other direction like a slow helicopter rotor. Looks like you are moving it with magic.

Special Thanks to the Kent Family Circus

To see even MORE wand tricks visit their website at

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