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The Magic and Illusions of

Nursing Home Appreciation Week


During the very early years of Eric's magical career a close personal church friend nick-named "Dude" gave Eric a very special magic kit and top hat. The top hat even made it into Eric's very first magic show. In Dude's later life she moved to a retirement home but still continued to follow Eric's magic and be his number 1 fan. After Dude passed away Eric decided he wanted to do something special for nursing homes and retirement communities as a Thank You for taking such great care of his close personal friend.   That is why during the third week of May, and second week of September, Eric offers a very special deal for nursing homes and retirement communities all over the state of Iowa!   Read on to find out how to get Eric's show at nearly a $100 discount!

The Show


The show is one-of-a-kind that will fill your residents with joy and laughter.  Watch as they forget their worries and sorrows when they witness Eric's 30 minute show packed full of comedy, magic, live animals, and yes, even audience participation!  For the finale

of the show Eric magically produces his live animal friend Fu-Fu

and will give the residents and audience members a chance to pet

him after the show!  Call (319) 987-2332 for more information.





Discounts & Rates

Eric's show normally runs at a rate of $350, BUT if you book the show to take place during Nursing Home Appreciation Week or Assisted Living Home Week, Eric will automatically take $100 off the show fee!   Wait, there's more!  Partner with another nursing home or retirement community within 30 miles of your location and get them to book Eric the same day, Eric will take off an additional $25 of the show fee, for both venues!  A small mileage fee does apply for locations greater than 20 miles away from Janesville, IA.


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